WP Lead Celebrity Review – Get Discount

WP Lead Celebrity Review is a WordPress Plugin to increase conversions on a business owner’s current website, by making them more than an authority, more than an expert, but a celebrity. It does this by effortlessly creating 3D animated lead bait for web visitors to interact. WP Lead Celebrity will induce interaction between visitors and the webpage.
Basically it’s a WP Lead Celebrity that allows business owners to generate leads, the lifeblood of any business. Also this plugin will increase conversions of visitors to optins. These can then be sent on to CPA, Affiliate Sites, PLR, Information Product or valuable digital assets. Whatever you can imagine!
Step # 1: Install a simple WP Plugin and open the Plugin inside your WordPress site.
Step # 2: Then type in a title in a title box inside the simple form.
Step # 3: Copy and paste a link to your book image in a text box inside the WP Plugin (Any png, jpg, jpeg, gif can be used for a cover image.)
Step #4: Add a Description of the book (You can copy and paste this from Amazon or type it in manually.)
Step #5: Then copy and paste the link you want the image to link to: Amazon Affiliate Link, Clickbank Product, any affiliate link, or optin page or landing page.
Step #6: Instantly click the “Generate Code” button to create the 3D Animated Book Cover HTML Code.
Step #7: Copy and Paste the HTML Code into your WordPress Page and Save it. That’s It!
With WP Lead Celebrity you are empowered with the same 3D animated high tech sales power used by Amazon everyday to sell books by the millions!
You will easily impress your clients because if you can pull off slick Amazon 3D Animated technology (which no doubt cost Amazon millions to develop).
If you market your own products or are an affiliate, even an Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction Affiliate, or JV Zoo Affiliate you can use this technology to give away a free ebook and use these incredibly eye-catching 3D animated book covers to increase the “click-ability” of your offers.
You can use the 3D book image so when someone clicks on it they are redirects them to an optin page for collecting emails for your list (for massive list building potential), or to instantly link to an order page (more interactivity generates more sales) or an affiliate pre-sell page (to ensure more click throughs to the vendor’s page).
WP Lead Celebrity creates professional looking 3D Book covers with page flipping actions all without the work or expense of expensive Photoshop Graphics, PHP coding, or CSS headaches.
It is an Easy to Use WP Plugin With: NO Complicated Coding Installation, NO CSS File To Edit Or Uploading, NO PHP Script Settings To Worry About, NO Technical knowledge Required, WP 3.7.1 complaint, down to WP 3.0 version!


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